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Linda Sproul

Let's make your next sale your BEST sale!



My name is Linda Sproul and…

I LOVE PIANO!  I was the kind of kid who had to be told to STOP practicing so the rest of the family could get some sleep!  I majored in music and earned degrees in piano performance and education from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI.  I started my private teaching studio in 1990 and have taught scores of people of all ages how to play the piano.  I love teaching!  I enjoy playing for church services, weddings, and special occasions, and I am continuously sought after as an accompanist for choral groups. 


QUITE BY ACCIDENT, I found out that I love to SELL pianos, and that I’m good at it!  Several years ago, I was invited to help at a special piano sale event.  I was hanging out with the customer while the owner was demonstrating all the features and benefits of this enormously beautiful grand.  When he finished playing an impressive piece, I looked at the customer and said, “Wow…do you want this piano to go home with you?”  She said YES!  A few minutes later I watched her write a check for tens of thousands of dollars.  Talk about the THRILL of a first sale! 


I GET EXCITED about finding a home for EVERY piano, whether it’s an exquisite upper-end grand, an entry-level digital, or previously-well-loved instrument.  Every person comes with a great story, and I listen to each one to help my customer get excited about the right piano to go home with them


selfie2PIANO EVENT PLANNING is another specialty I’ve developed over the years.  I love to take customer phone calls to schedule piano appointments for sales, and I give them the best preparation in advance to make an informed purchase and have FUN during their piano selection.


INSTITUTIONAL SALES  are great, too.  I also love working with schools, churches, hospitals, nursing and retirement facilities to determine the best piano for their needs.  I share fund-raising ideas and assist with dedication concerts and outreach programs to benefit the community.


MY ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS!  I sell the LOVE of piano and I can help YOUR customer find the perfect match. 

Contact Linda today and make your next sale your BEST sale!

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